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Jun 06, 2023 S07 E02 00:23:48

What would you do if you suddenly lost your voice, the very tool you use to share your passions and purpose with the world? That's what happened to me due to a sudden bout of allergies, and it left me feeling lost, angry, and purposeless. Join me in...

Dec 27, 2022 S07 E01 00:20:48

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Welcome to a brand new season as we close out 2022.

One of the most  important things for gold diggers is ensuring you have the right mental health for optimal digging.

In this episode, Ty...

Nov 04, 2022 S06 E10 00:19:53

Can you walk and chew at the same time? What does that even mean?

Tap in to this episode as your host, Ty Wonder shares a transparent moment about navigating when life has been life-ing way too hard. How do you stay focused and keep your peace wh...

Sep 14, 2022 S06 E09 00:18:37

If you've ever felt like you wanted to quit, PRESS PLAY!
Did you know that September is suicide prevention awareness month? As a Veteran, I know the stats all too well, because it affects so many who have served like I have.

In this epi...

Aug 29, 2022 S06 E08 00:19:41

How difficult is change for you? Do you resist it? Lean in on it? It’s so much right?

In this episode, Ty gets transparent about how difficult change is but why you should embrace it and the key thing you need to get through it!

If you’...

Aug 10, 2022 S06 E07 00:21:16

On the last episode we discussed the power of writing things down. Let's take it one step further. One of the key things that keep entrepreneurs/Mom-preneurs, and/or goal diggers full of anxiety is lack of organization. How are you going to win, get...

Jul 28, 2022 S06 E06 00:21:09

The digital age has meant that we do almost everything electronically. People tend to send texts vs hand written letters. But what does that mean for you as a goal digger?

Should you write your business goals and “to-do’s” down or do everything...

Jul 12, 2022 S06 E05 00:19:56

Sometimes inspiration comes and you have to drop the ball and record. (pun intended)

On this episode of Tea Talk With Ty, Ty does a very unscripted episode to discuss the nuggets she learned at the Charlotte Touchdown Club's Luncheon Speaker...